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Authenticating Open Access: “We must put in more rigour into the kind and quality of publications that come out through open access projects…” says Professor Shamnad Basheer, Founder, SpicyIP blog

Many topical and emerging questions surround the current state and future of open access scholarly publishing in law and related disciplines. To answer some of these questions, JurisOpen interviewed Professor (Dr) Shamnad Basheer — a globally recognized intellectual property law expert based in Bangalore, India who has demonstrated his incessant commitment to democratizing the law, particularly intellectual property law, through his blog — SpicyIP. He has also sought to foster access to legal education by enabling underprivileged

Is the Law really public?

Laws are made public only to legitimise the adoption and continuance of justice systems and judicial practices in any democratic statehood, yet the legal information market has managed to become a multi-billion-dollar industry. So, what is this “legal information”? The state officially recognises the term to include the legislations promulgated by its designated legislative bodies, the administrative rules and regulations framed by its executive agencies and the rulings rendered by its justice dispensation authorities. Under any democratic