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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques. Is JurisOpen a journal?
Ans. No. JurisOpen is an online platform dedicated to the publishing, sharing and archiving of authentic and reliable secondary legal materials with open accessibility.

Ques. Does JurisOpen charge any publication fee from contributors?
Ans. No.

Ques. Who will own the copyright over my work published by JurisOpen?
Ans. JurisOpen allows all contributors to retain copyright over their contributed work (whether unpublished or previously published). JurisOpen shall own and exercise only specific and limited rights over the contributed work granted to it by the contributors via the Contributor License Agreement. The detailed terms & conditions of the Agreement as would apply shall be conveyed to the contributors post acceptance of their work by JurisOpen. Contributors are however advised to refer to paras 5 to 8 of the Terms of Use before sending any contribution to JurisOpen.

Ques. Can I contribute my work which is previously published?
Ans. JurisOpen invites contributors to ‘’share’’ their previously published works for wider dissemination via its platform.

Ques. How do I submit my paper to JurisOpen?
Ans. We are currently accepting contributions only via email. You may send us your contribution in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) format at with the subject line: ‘CONTRIBUTION: FOR PUBLISHING’ (if the contribution is an unpublished work) and ‘CONTRIBUTION: FOR SHARING’ (if the contribution is a previously published work). You may submit only one contribution at a time. For multiple contributions, separate emails should be sent.